Stine Gonsholt (b. 1973 in Skien, Norway) graduated from Bergen National Academy of Arts in Norway in 2003. She works within the field of documentary film, video and photo, drawing and experimental animation. Formal starting point for her works is the exploration of the document ary. The original footage (film/video/photography) is reworked through the process of editing. The resulting work shows the relativity of the source material and make the construct clear.

For several years, Gonsholt has realized works under the title Untitled Adjustments. In the early phase of this project, she made visual interventions in the urban landscape. Questions of infrastructure, city development and modernization have been important to her. In the continuation of this project, her focus has changed to human adaptability as a concrete physical process that includes social changes as well as mental developments. In her current project Corridors, she has spent a year documenting the life along the roads of Benin, Togo and Burkina Faso.

Stine Gonsholt was awarded the The Telemark Footprint Award in 2014 and The BKH (The Visual Artist Foundation) - award for Young talented Art Student in 2003. Her work is exhibited internationally and collected by the Arts Council Norway (2005), University of Stavanger, Norway (2006) and The Norwegian Journalists Association (2009). She became a member of the artist-run project space Stedefreund (Berlin) in 2012.

She divides her time living and working in Skien and Berlin.