Site-specific installations at Bjørgvin Prison, Bergen / Norway                                                >>

This exhibition consists of three related site-specific installations at Bjørgvin prison.
The installations are based on the former use of the buildings at Bjørgvin, an institution for mentally disabled people (Vestlandsheimen) and the current function, a prison. The project questions work-related activities in public institutions and has it´s starting point in one of the main activities offered to the inmate at the institution - collecting and chopping firewood. Numeral constructions I-III (Monument for P.Tillberg) refers also to the aesthetics of the 1960´s Minimalism as well as the work of the Swedish artist Peter Tillbergs, the 70's icon; Blir du lönsam, lilla vän? The painted windows, fluorescent light, armatures attached to the floor, a sculpture made of logs (transformed rapidly by the natural decomposition caused by the humid climate in the buildings) and a video installation / constructions, creates a claustrophobic feeling in contrast to the society outside the institution.

Numeral Constructions is a collaborative project between Stine Gonsholt and Line H. Danilesen






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